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Insulated Patio Covers

You Will Love Relaxing Underneath Your New Insulated Patio Cover Made in Warren, MI

Insulated aluminum patio covers are the perfect intersection of design and function. These home additions create an outdoor living space while still allowing you the option to later fully enclose it into a three or four season room. Our interlocking panel systems, full perimeter trim, and integrated support structures make installation easy.

Building your patio is easy in four steps:

Step 1

Step 1:
Select Your Cover

Step 2

Step 2:
Measure and Design your Cover

Step 3

Step 3:
Get instant Pricing

Step 4

Step 4:
Kit shipped to your door or installed nationwide.

New insulated

Discover the Benefits of Adding an Insulated Patio Cover onto Your Home

MMC Products insulated patio cover kits are the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Featuring patented interlocking panels and a subtle stucco texture for a modern appearance, these attractive patio covers will add to the aesthetic of any home. The engineered panels enable long spans and open living space on your deck or patio with the option to later fully enclose in a three or four-season room. These patio covers can also help you reduce energy costs by offering shade to the exterior of your home while heating your patio at the same time. Reducing the amount of heat coming through your windows from the light of the sun will allow you to lower the amount of energy required to cool your house. The main advantage of selecting an insulated patio cover over a Flat Pan kit is the option to later enclose in a three-season room and the added insulation factor from the suns penetrating rays.  When you call MMC, one of our team members will help you identify exactly what you need depending on your measurements and design style. 

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Insulated Patio Cover

Let MMC Products Help You Transform Your Patio into a More Comfortable Space in Any Season

Our patio kits are the perfect addition to your home no matter where you live. Insulated patio covers will keep you warm in the fall evenings, protect you from harmful UV rays, and allow you to enjoy a rainy spring night. Simple design and complete turnkey kits make installation easy for the do-it-yourselfer or professional contractor alike. Since our patio kits are made from durable aluminum metal, they require little to no maintenance.  Our kits are shipped nationally from our Warren, Michigan manufacturing facility, so no matter where you are located, you too, can have a beautiful insulated patio cover. Contact us today for more information and to place your order for your new insulated patio cover. 

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You Can Do-It-Yourself or Have It Installed

We make installation easy for the do-it-yourselfer with pre-cut components, all hardware, fasteners, and phone support seven days a week. If you choose to have it installed, we can refer you to a local dealer in your area.

Step 1:

Install wall mounting channel to home with provided hardware. Our heavy channel features a preset 3% pitch for proper drainage. No calculation needed, just bolt and GO. A two-piece adjustable channel is also available for installations requiring a greater pitch.

Step 2:

Set up the front fascia or support beam. Mark a line parallel to the home for the desired post beam location. Use our proprietary hidden mounting shoes to secure the post to the slab and raise the front post/beam.

Step 3:

Install panels across the width of awing. Panels are 12” wide male/female snap-lock eliminating the potential for annoying water leaks. Once panels are installed simply fasten to beam and wall channel with provided TEK screws. All fasteners are zinc plated to prevent corrosions.

Step 4:

Install front gutter fascia, downspouts, and side cap fascia. All components pre-cut to length for an easy installation. Our Fascia is heavy extruded aluminum, so you will not have to worry about wind damage.

Quality Is In the Details

The Mike Manufacturing insulated patio cover kit is the result of 20 years of continuous improvement. Our panels utilize patented Snap Lock technology that prevent leaks and eliminates the use of aluminum H bar connecting extrusions that expand and contract at different rates from the panel. Our kit comes complete with everything needed for install with step by step installation instructions.

  • Our insulated kits are constructed from building grade aluminum in with Snap Lock panels to prevent leaks over time.

  • Everything we sell features a baked-on paint finish. Our paint is guaranteed, unlike competitors which develop chalky or peeling paint.

  • Our front and side fascia's are extruded heavy aluminum instead of thin formed sheet metal. This gives the cover a finished and substantial look.

  • Most online kits are sold through a middleman who cannot control manufacturing, shipping, or quality. We are the manufacturer.

Lead Time – Quick Shipping

We are the manufacturer with over thirteen production lines available to produce both standard and custom size kits. We keep extensive inventory of insulated panels in 4’ wide widths and lengths ranging from 8’ to 20’ ready to ship immediately.

We have been manufacturing and distributing patio covers for over forty years. We offer the highest quality kit that money can buy, and we only sell consumer direct and through our authorized installers. What differentiates our kit from others is the quality of product and seamless purchase experience. We have the scale to quickly deliver as promised and the personalized customer support to help you through the entire process.