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Aluminum Awnings

Aluminum Awnings Do More Than Simply Add to Your Home’s Exterior in Warren, MI

Aluminum awnings are chosen for their durability and timeless style. According to the National Bureau of Standards, a properly placed aluminum awning can reduce the summer temperature in a room by 8 to 15 degrees.

MMC Products step-down awning components feature a baked-on paint finish in 15 vibrant colors to accent your home. Not only will you get a beautiful awning at an amazing value, but it could also decrease energy costs necessary to cool your home. 

Residential Aluminum Roof Awning from MMC Products

We Offer a Full Line of Aluminum Awning Parts for the Custom Builder or Contractor

As a custom awning manufacturer, you have a choice in the step-down aluminum awning components you use to construct your awnings.  For over a half century, we have offered a full line of step-down awning components in 15 vibrant colors, ranging from white to black with a beautiful selection of modern color in between.  All our awning components are made in the USA and will be delivered to you via our own truck fleet.  View our full line catalog or call to learn more.

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MMC Products' Aluminum Patio Cover

We are One of the Nation’s Leading Awning Kit Manufacturers

MMC Products is one of the oldest manufacturers of Aluminum Awning components in the country. Chances are high that if you have seen an aluminum awning, it was produced from our warehouse. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to work within your needs and your budget. The quality of our aluminum awnings is unmatched in both price and value industry wide. With an excellent customer service team that goes above and beyond for our customers, we are proud to offer a wide range of DIY awning kits designed to suit various needs and preferences.

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