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Flat Pan & W Pan Patio Covers

Enhance Your Home with a Flat Pan Patio Cover Made in Warren, MI

Flat and W-Pan patio covers from MMC Products transform what was once a vacant or unshaded area into usable space on your patio or deck. Unlike fabric or retractable canopies, aluminum covers are maintenance-free and often outlast the home itself. We are proud to be the industry leader in patio cover manufacturing for both the professional contractors as well as the do-it-yourselfer around Los Angeles, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Texas.

Building your patio is easy in four steps:

Step 1 of Building Patio by MMC Products

Step 1:
Select Your Cover

Step 2 of Building Patio by MMC Products

Step 2:
Measure and Design your Cover

Step 3 of Building Patio by MMC Products

Step 3:
Get instant Pricing

Step 4 of Building Patio by MMC Products

Step 4:
Kit shipped to your door or installed nationwide.

Types of Aluminum Patio Covers

You Can Do-It-Yourself or Have It Installed

We make installation easy for the do-it-yourselfer with pre-cut components, all hardware, fasteners, and phone support seven days a week. If you choose to have it installed, we can refer you to a local dealer in your area.

Step 1:

Install wall mounting channel to home with provided hardware. Our heavy channel features a preset 3% pitch for proper drainage. No calculation needed, just bolt and GO. A two-piece adjustable channel is also available for installations requiring a greater pitch.

Step 2:

Set up the front fascia or support beam. Mark a line parallel to the home for the desired post beam location. Use our proprietary hidden mounting shoes to secure the post to the slab and raise the front post/beam.

Step 3:

Install panels across the width of awing. Panels are 12” wide male/female snap-lock eliminating the potential for annoying water leaks. Once panels are installed simply fasten to beam and wall channel with provided TEK screws. All fasteners are zinc plated to prevent corrosion.

Step 4:

Install front gutter fascia, downspouts, and side cap fascia. All components pre-cut to length for an easy installation. Our Fascia is heavy extruded aluminum, so you will not have to worry about wind damage.

Quality Is In the Details

Most patio kits offered today are manufactured by one or two companies and resold by many. This means you are paying a middleman markup instead of buying factory direct from us. To compete and still make a profit, the others offer a substandard “cheaper” kit made from thinner aluminum, sheet metal gutters, lower quality paint or w profile pans that collect debris.

  • Our kits are constructed from building grade aluminum in .032” thickness. We do not sell kits in .019” or .023” as they are too thin.

  • Everything we sell features a baked-on paint finish. Our paint is guaranteed, unlike competitors which develop chalky or peeling paint.

  • Our front and side fascia's are extruded heavy aluminum instead of thin formed sheet metal. This gives the cover a finished and substantial look.

  • Most online kits are sold through a middleman who cannot control manufacturing, shipping, or quality. We are the manufacturer.

Lead Time – Quick Shipping

We are the manufacturer with over thirteen production lines available to produce both standard and custom size kits. With our capabilities to manufacture virtually any size panel, the design possibilities are endless. And we can make your custom size quicker than anyone else, with typical lead time for a non- standard kit of one week.

We have been manufacturing and distributing patio covers for over forty years. We offer the highest quality kit that money can buy, and we only sell consumer direct and through our authorized installers. We do not sell kits in .023” or .019” aluminum as they are too thin. Our front and side fascia caps are extruded heavy aluminum and not thin sheet metal prone to wind damage. The Mike Manufacturing kit is not for everyone, but it is for those who value quality and only want to buy once.

Aluminum Flat Pan Roof Panels of MMC Products

Our Aluminum Flat Pan Roof Panels are Durable and Easy to Assemble 

MMC Products’ flat pan patio cover kits are the perfect addition to any outdoor space. Our aluminum parts boast a baked-on paint finish that will protect your patio cover from chipping as it ages, and heavy gauge aluminum construction to last in any environment. The rust-free metal requires very little maintenance, so once it is installed, you won’t need to do much more. Simple locking pan design and complete kits make installation easy for the do-it-yourselfer or professional contractors alike. In addition to our flat pan manufacturing, we also produce the gutter and side fascia, back hangers, and support posts. More importantly, we can deliver your patio cover kit directly to your door. When you’re ready to explore your flat pan patio cover kit options, contact MMC Products where one of our customer service agents will be happy to help you select the perfect patio cover for your home. 

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Commercial W Pan Aluminum Patio Covers of MMC Products

W Pan Aluminum Patio Covers are Perfect for Commercial Applications

W-Pan covers are chosen for their durability and load strength achieved by the 'W' profile of the pans. These are often used in the construction of long span patio covers, car ports, commercial awnings and equipment shelter systems. Simple locking pan design and complete kits make installation easy for anyone to complete. Simply provide us with the width & span and we will package an engineered turnkey kit and ship it to your location.

MMC Products is the preferred aluminum patio cover manufacturer choice of commercial architects and specified on many of today's industrial and mobile home developments. Contact us today to begin your project and learn more about the advantages of partnering with MMC.

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