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 Wide Louver


The wide louver series of fold up awnings   feature 8" wide louvers with spaces in  between for  airflow. Fresh air flows     between these openings, but they keep sun, rain and sleet out. Most impressive on lager homes and commercial   buildings.



The elegant trim line is a Sun Trol                exclusive ! With all the same great features as the wide louver model except for its     narrower 6" louvers. The narrow horizontal lines give the smaller home the illusion of being much wider or longer.

You control the sun and the elements with Sun Trol© technology.

Sun Trol folding awnings can be raised or lowered to meet the homeowners needs. It  provides all the great benefits of aluminum awnings but  allows for easy cleaning and improved sunlight on cloudy days.


Pictured in open position

Pictured in closed position