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Founded in 1975, MMC got its start in the Roll Forming of pre-painted, critical surface, components used in the aluminum awning and patio cover industries of the 1970’s. The company experienced significant growth during the following twenty years fueled by innovation, quality and unmatched customer service.

Growth continued at a double digit pace into the late 1980’s with the acquisition of several companies involved in custom roll forming, gas station canopies, car port installation and metal awnings. The company subsequently outgrew and relocated three times, landing in its current 45,000 square foot facility in Warren, Michigan. The company stayed relevant throughout the years by continuing to evolve, innovating in new product categories. From the first structural insulated panels (SIP), to some of the very first aluminum porch railing systems in use, Mike Manufacturing was known nationally.

In 2004 the coil slitting and industrial metal processing division Tru Slitting was spun off to new ownership and remains in Michigan.  Until his passing in 2005, the late founder, Gerald Schumacher was involved in guiding the day to day operations and vision of the company. In 2005 the company ownership passed to the heirs and operated for the following ten years as a women owned business focusing on growth in the aluminum products division.

In early 2015 the company was acquired by the grandson of the late founder. A separate division called MMC Products Company was created to formally offer custom roll forming production to the industrial markets.  Building on nearly a century of roll forming expertise, MMC is capable of roll forming virtually any material at both medium and high volumes. Within the first year the company had built a substantial book of custom roll forming business and continues to pursue new applications and customers.

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Mike Manufacturinghas been in business for over 40 years providing class “A” Roll Formed building and aluminum awning products in a wide range of shapes and materials .  Specializing in pre-painted step down aluminum awning components, flat pan and w pan patio covers, drip edge, siding starter and steel framing applications.  

MMC Products Company is a direct supplier of Roll Formed and fabricated metal components to the furniture, transportation, agriculture and store fixture industries. Specializing in medium to high volume contract roll forming while providing a level of quality and customer satisfaction that meets or exceeds strict quality expectations. 

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